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Mesures proposées pour un Marché Unique des Télécommunications


Commission proposes major step forward for telecoms single market

Press Releases: 11/09/2013

The European Commission has adopted its most ambitious plan in 26 years of telecoms market reform.

Launched by Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso in his 2013 State of the Union speech, the “Connected Continent” legislative package, when adopted, will reduce consumer charges, simplify red tape faced by companies, and bring a range of new rights for both users and service providers, so that Europe can once again be a global digital leader

L'annonce est ici 

Le document est directement téléchargeable ici sur le site RFC

_Analyse RFC_  Cette proposition promeut fortement l'harmonisation au niveau européen du Virtual Access, ce que nous appelons accès activés dans RFC.
Nos travaux d'harmonisation de ces accès activés permettant la mise en oeuvre efficace des services existants et nouveaux ont vocation à s'inscrire dans ces travaux européens.

Un extrait page 11 :

Section 2 (Articles 17 to 20)
Harmonised, high-quality virtual access to fixed networks would facilitate market entry and
the provision of cross-border services both to end-users and businesses, and would help drive
competition and investment. Today, virtual fixed access products are defined in a variety of
manners across the EU. Virtual access to fixed networks to provide cross-border services is
harmonised through:

•  Defining common features of EU-harmonised virtual broadband access products
(virtual unbundling, IP bit-stream and terminating segments of leased lines) when
mandated on operators with significant market power.
•  Accordingly, national regulators are required to take into account the introduction of
such harmonised access products when imposing regulatory remedies, with due
regard for existing infrastructure competition and investments and overarching
proportionality requirements. The proposal also reflects decisional practice in a
provision linking consideration of wholesale price control obligations on NGA
networks with competitive constraints fromalternative infrastructures, effective
guarantees of non-discriminatory access and the level of retail competition in terms
of price, choice and quality.
•  A right for electronic communications providers to offer and access on reasonable
terms harmonised connectivity products with assured service quality to enable new
types of online services